About Us

We are a group of professionals who are all committed to alleviating the suffering caused by addiction, psychiatric illness, and behavior and mood disorders. We take pride in our profession and are committed to providing the highest, most well informed care available.

Our primary services are intensive outpatient programs, which are structured therapeutic programs meeting three nights per week for approximately ten weeks. Our programs accommodate individuals facing mood disorders, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorders, addictions, crises, traumas, and other mental health concerns. Our services are available for adolescents, young adults, and adults.

Imagine Behavioral Health, LLC, is certified by the Mississippi Department of Mental Health to provide the following services:
• Intensive Outpatient (IOP) and Outpatient services to adolescents, college age emerging adults, and adults experiencing severe distress as a result of mental illness and/or substance abuse concerns.
• DUI Assessments.


At Imagine, we embrace these five fundamental concepts:
• Suffering is inevitable.
• People can change.
• Healing generally takes place within the context of a relationship.
• The ability to choose is our most powerful ability.
• Psychiatric disorders as well as addictions have mental, physical, and spiritual components.


Our primary goal for all our clients is to restore hope, facilitate healing, and open doors to a new freedom.

Underscoring this primary goal, we strive to:
• Empower individuals to take responsibility for their actions
• De-stigmatize mental illness and addiction
• Restore broken relationships
• Identify and overcome self-defeating behaviors and beliefs
• Develop healthy boundaries
• Equip clients with the necessary tools for recovery and relapse prevention
• Assist in facilitating change
• Restore healthy self-esteem by boosting self-image and self-concept

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