Couples & Family Therapy

Although individual counseling is highly important to the growth and positive change process, we at Imagine Behavioral Health also understand that many struggles experienced personally can and do have a major impact on our relationships. Therefore, we enthusiastically utilize couples and family counseling as an option when needed and requested.

In looking at the family as a system, we see that issues of struggle for one member do not exist apart from the family that the individual is a part of. Therefore, the members of a marriage or family can have an enormous amount of influence upon each other both in positive, as well as perhaps not so positive ways. This also means that our influence interrelationally allows each member to be an integral part of needed solutions as all can assist in one another’s growth and change process.

Whether exploring unresolved conflicts or old wounds, improving communication skills, facing major transition periods or perhaps wanting to begin a marriage on solid footing, couples and family counseling can be an effective way to move things in a forward, healthy direction.

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