Psychiatric Evaluations & Medication Management

Psychiatric Evaluations

Here at Imagine we aim to use a holistic approach. A psychiatric evaluation can be a vital part of your overall mental health treatment. This is often the time where diagnoses are clarified and medications are recommended. They are an important part of the treatment planning process as well when used in conjunction with one of our IOP programs or as a part of your ongoing therapy here at Imagine. You will be meeting with a Board-Certified Psychiatrist or a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.

Medication Management

This is an important part of the treatment process. Patients respond differently to different medications so it is important to observe and monitor the effects of the medications. In addition, your feedback is very important as well. Medication changes and adjustments are not uncommon in the early days of treatment so do not get discouraged if it takes some time to find the right fit for you and your particular situation. As you get closer to meeting your goals visits are typically spaced further apart.