TeleMental Health Recommendations & Instructions

Until further notice, Imagine Behavioral Health will be utilizing Video Conferencing (VC) to provide TeleMental Health Services. Our clinicians will be providing therapy and medical services through a HIPAA-secure application called Zoom. We understand that this is a significant change from traditional services provided at our location, which is why our staff wants to equip you with the following instructions/recommendations for utilizing our new system/services with as few issues as possible:

Before the Session Starts
● You will need to schedule an appointment as usual by calling the office at 601-982-5376. You will receive text message reminders as usual prior to your appointment.
● Make sure you have electronically signed the “Informed Consent for TeleMental Health Services” document. You can access this document here:
● Sign up and download the Zoom app on your laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone, etc.
● Make sure you have a well-lit, private space to be in where you won’t be distributed or heard. This may be in a bedroom, home office, or even, if needed, a large closet, basement, or in your car in your driveway.
● If you live with others, you will need to make sure roommates, family members, etc. don’t disturb you. You might consider putting a white noise machine or a small window fan on outside the door of the room you are in.There are also white noise apps available for your phone, as well as videos of white noise on YouTube.
● In most cases, you will be able to utilize Zoom on your smartphone; however, the app’s functionality and features are optimized by using a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet.
● Using earphones plugged into the computer/phone helps maintain privacy and improves sound.
● Make sure all unnecessary web-browsers are closed and that no one else in your home is
using the Wi-Fi for streaming.

Beginning a Session
● You will receive an email or text message (preference specified with office staff) that contains a link to the video conference. Upon clicking the link, you will be transferred to a virtual waiting room until your clinician is ready to conduct your session.
● Once your session begins, turn on video and audio by pressing the camera and microphone icons on the bottom left of your viewing screen.

Troubleshooting/Operating Zoom
● Make sure your volume is up and that your video and microphone are on. This may not happen automatically.
● Further troubleshooting and operating instructions are provided in the “Informed Consent for TeleMental Health Services” document, and on our Zoom information sheet.